Konsep Pendidikan Multikultural Dalam Perspektif Pendidikan Islam

  • Ilham Mirsal Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Tapak Tuan, Aceh Selatan


This paper discusses about multicultural education that is a concept of education
embracing an approach and a transformation to provide students and all the people an
understanding to appreciate and respect the diversity owned by a nation. The concept
to appreciate and respect diversity has been taught in Islam through the Qur’an so that
people can see differences and appreciate the diversity they have, such as tribes, religions,
cultures, and others. Multicultural education as a concept of education that forms a social
paradigm encourages schools to take part in instilling awareness of the multicultural
community and growing attitude of tolerance to actualize the need and the ability to work
together among the diversity existed. In this regard, this paper shall show that the practice
of multicultural education in Indonesia is potential to be conducted flexibly rather than
as a separated lesson or in a monolithic manner. The implementation of multicultural
education is based on 5 dimensions. (1) Content integration, (2) knowledge construction
process, (3) reducing prejudice, (4) equal pedagogy, and (5) empowered school culture
and structure

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