At-tasamuh Fi Al-Islam 'Abru Al-mu'amalati Ad-Daulati baina Indunisiyya wa Yaman

  • Afrah Mas’ood Iman University Yaman; Manouba University Tunis
  • Hayyun Ulfah Muthmainnah Tunis University
Keywords: Tolerance, Islam, Yaman, Indonesia, Aceh, interactions, countries, trade


This article aims to Tolerance plays an important role in the formation of an ideal and harmonious society in life with mutual respect between different tribes, ethnicities and religions. The formation of a state is also based on the principles of justice and egalitarianism in every right and obligation in society. Tolerance is a characteristic of the people of Yemen in spreading Islam in the areas they visit to trade, which emanates from their attitudes and interactions. They reflect the face of Islam which shines with values ​​and tolerance in everyday life. Thus, the Indonesian people who interacted with them were amazed and wondered about the principle of this tolerance before finally embracing Islam