• Muhammad Firdaus IAIN Langsa
  • Zulfikar Zulfikar Institut Agama Islam Negeri Langsa
  • M. Reza M. Reza Institut Agama Islam Negeri Langsa
Keywords: Contract, Lease, Gold


Muamalah is the one part of Islamic law that regulates several things that are directly related to the way of life between humans in everyday life. Cooperation and mutual assistance between humans, one of which is now entering the community is the practice of leasing gold. The lease agreement is a contract for taking the benefits of an object, so terms of the use of the object of the lease must be concisely to both parties, this study aims to find out how the gold lease agreement in Bireun, and how the Islamic perspective on the practice of leasing gold. The research he field research, which is a study that aims to obtain data or information on the original situation in the field. Primary data was obtained through interview method. The data analysis method in this research is descriptive qualitative analysis. The approach that the author takes in this article is to use the empirical normative method. The analys described is based on the implementation of gold leases at Kota Juang Bireun Regency, based on the high level of injustice and harm to one party, especially to the tenant. concludes that the author from Islamic law says it is not permissible in accordance with syara provisions where the implementation does not meet the terms and conditions of the lease.