• Azhar Azhar Universitas Sains Cut Nyak Dhien
Keywords: Capital, Mastery, Infomation, Technology


Capital and mastery of information technology is the power in mastering information technology. Mastery of information technology has a strong influence in shaping public opinions such as television and social media. This writing analyzes relevant content related to capitalists' mastery of information technology. Capitalism is the power and strength possessed by developed countries, such as America, Britain and so on. The subject of this paper is to analyze the influence of television, content and media dependence. This paper uses observation methods from various sources supported by several kinds of literature, books, articles and online journals. From the results of the analysis, it are found that the world's major countries have massively owned the mastery of information technology. World-class news, and information dissemination. Social media such as: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and so on. World information, economic news, politics, culture, natural disasters, politics and wars, can be seen live throughout the country. Capital and the control of information technology in the process cannot be submitted to market mechanisms, so a harmonization process may occur, which means the strong party dominates the weak. The victims are developing countries that will continue to be consumers of capitalist influence.