• Zikrayanti Zikrayanti International Islamic University Malaysia
Keywords: Fake news, Hoax, prevention, social media, COVID-19 Pandemic


The title of this paper is prevention of online fake news on social media during COVID-19 Pandemic: A literature review approach.Fake news or hoax has disrupted the original or authenticity of information, especially when social media become a flatform in disseminating fake news. And during COVID-19 Pandemic, online fake news on social media has been spread everywhere.The aims of this paper to discuss and explorer prevention of online fake news on social media during COVID-19 Pandemic. This paper applied qualitative research methods by using conceptual research and conceptual paper basically will provide logic and argument based on the literature review to explain a certain issue related to prevention of online fake news on social media during COVID-19 Pandemic.Based on study finding, prevention of online fake news on social media during COVID-19 Pandemic has clearly discuss from many sources. Bahri and Sosial, said there is two ways on prevention user from online fake news when using social media is with cognitive skill and critical thinking. Another way is stated by BNPT, social media user is suggested no to easily trust one piece of information when the source is not clear. Check news content and sources deliver news. Third and fourth, corrects and compare the information can trust or not. Fifth, do not spread it to other if user not sure validity of information. KOMINFO also said social media user must be careful with provocative titles, pay attention to the site address that information, fact check, check the authenticity, and joint anti Hoax forum to prevent social media user trapped in online fake news. Kementrian Agama also said, social media user must be able to filter the truth of the information circulating before it spreads. Second, remember ethics in social media. Third, be careful of unknown accounts. Fourth, do not upload information that conflicts with Sara. Fifth, use social media to expand the network. Sixth, include the source of the information content uploaded. Seventh, do not upload information when source is not clear. And lastly, using social media for self-development. Allah SWT also says in Surah Al-Hujarat:6 and An-Nur: 19 to verify all information that we get and do not spread fake news.