• Imam Ghozali Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Bengkalis
Keywords: Silaturahim, Twitter, Social Media, Civilization


The wave of transnational ideological thought after the 1999 reform has become a serious threat to religious harmony in Indonesia. Ideological teachings that want to return to the roots of Islamic law in all aspects of life have implications for identity politics, which have given space to privilege Islamic groups and place other groups into second class in all aspects. life. This teaching is increasingly spread to the surface through social media and creates debate and unrest that threatens the unity of fellow Muslims and the integration of the nation and state which is built on ethnic, ethnic, cultural, belief, and religious diversity. The adherents of various religions try to rebuild the values ​​of civilization that have been torn apart by the thought of radicalism through social media such as Twitter. They held a virtual dialogue by raising cross-sectoral issues. This research is library research using descriptive analysis through the following steps: collecting research materials, processing data, analyzing, and drawing conclusions. The results of his research are that adherents of religions such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism conduct dialogue through Twitter with various cases by upholding religious understanding that is polite, humorous, tolerant, and maintains the spirit of brotherhood in differences. This pattern of building a civilizational dialogue is a new way of communicating without boundaries through Twitter to reaffirm the spirit of togetherness in maintaining harmony and diversity in Indonesia. It is time for dialogue patterns like this to be developed on other social media so that the face of social media becomes the glue media for human civilization.